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Showcasing Community Creators at the Stratford School of Interaction Design & Business



During the 2019 academic year, the Stratford School of Interaction Design & Business is partnering with the Creators Collective to curate and feature works from our School's Creators. The works will be featured throughout the School's first floor and are being curated by a group of Junior Curators under the mentorship of lead curator, Katrina Schouten.

Our goal is to give our school a greater sense of home. These walls are our canvas - our space to showcase our work, to inspire one another and to spark conversation amongst viewers.


The G in GBDA
Curated By:
Felix Weber

There are 4 letter in the acronym GBDA and with this theme the hope is that we can showcase how students experience how students experience the G in GBDA.

In either third or fourth year, students in our program have the opportunity to study abroad and expand their experience of the program. Here we hope to showcase where students have gone and their experiences in another university, culture and country.

We are looking for any artifacts from your trip; ticket subs, photographs, writing, paintings, videos! We want to showcase the full spectrum of what you experienced while abroad.

Curated By:
Buuchau Chau

New birth; reincarnation; second creation
The term can take many meanings: rebirth, revival or repetition. It first derived as a term used before “evolution” describing the stages in which an organism passes through stages of what its prehistoric ancestors looked like; a fish egg before it moves onto looking like an amphibian, bird, mammal and lastly the human form, however, this theory is still lacking academic studies to back this observation.

In a broader sense, palingenesis describes great change, miracles, disasters, births, deaths and sacrifices within man, nature and the spirit.

Curated By:
Our Canvas Curating Team

Does your work not fit into a theme? That's okay! Submit a piece that you're proud of anyways and we'll find a home for it on campus.


We're always up for a quick chat about your submission. Either email us, send us a message on Facebook or direct message us on Instagram.


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submit now

When you're submitting your piece be sure to refer to our list of submission criteria to make sure that everything is submitted properly.

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