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Tiffany Tang

Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m in my 2nd year of GBDA. I’m still trying to figure out what career path I want to take but for now I’ve been brushing up on my design skills and have been giving myself mini projects just for fun. I love music, fashion, makeup and spontaneous adventures! Feel free to connect with me and say hi :) 

instagram: @practically_tiffanie 


Director of Design


Jaycie Linh

Hello! I am a second year GBDA student with a love for anything creative. I love photography, videography, and design. I’m super into film, tech, and keyboards so if you ever want to nerd out with me, let’s be friends! 🤓

instagram: @jaycielinh 



Content Creator



Content Creator

Chatumini Kodikara

Hello! I’m a second-year GBDA student with a passion for design and aesthetics! I’m into website design, surface-coding and illustrative graphic design! I originally started with the traditional arts and I’ve actually been a children’s art instructor with a local art gallery for the past few years 😊. Feel free to message me! I'd love to get to know you!

instagram: @minidesigns_   @_chatumini 



Daniella Garcia

Hey everyone! I’m in my third year of GBDA. Over quarantine I launched my instagram page where I wanted to showcase some of my art and later started doing commissioned work such as painting, logos, graphic portraits and more. I also have an Etsy page where I sell some of my prints and stickers if you ever want to check it out haha. I love Abba, and movie theatre popcorn (yum). I can’t wait to get to know you all this year!

instagram:  @daniellaxgarcia   @garciagetscreative

Graphic Designer


Elisha Levak

Hey everyone! I’m in second year GBDA, I enjoy being outside and going on road trips! I love listening to all kinds of music, r&b is my fav. I love basketball, and thrifting, hit me up about anything :)

instagram: @elishalevak   @levakdesign

Graphic Designer


Angela Nguyen

Hello! I’m a second year GBDA student. I’ve always been into creating/designing and have recently gotten into digital illustration. Over quarantine I started a store with my sister where we sell prints and stickers of our designs, if you ever want to check it out - @lilacustudios. Feel free to message me if you ever wanna chat! :)

instagram: @angelanguyenx   @axgeladesigns

Graphic Designer


Phuong Tu

Hi everyone! I’m a first year GBDA student and I’m excited to be joining the CC team. I enjoy painting, creating digital art and thrifting in my spare time. Feel free to reach out if you need anything! :)

instagram:  @phuong.tu   @tubytwo

Graphic Designer


Daphne Lai

Hiya! I’m a 2A GBDA student. I really like painting, audio calling my friends, and video games. I am eating sour keys (candy) while I’m writing this. Feel free to hit me up about anything! 

instagram: @itsdaphnelai


Graphic Designer


Justice Gin

Hi! I’m a first year GBDA student. In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar, painting, and drawing with pen and ink. When I’m not creating, I enjoy calling with my friends and cruising around on a skateboard! I’m looking forward to this year!

instagram:  @juszg

Graphic Designer


Breanna Tam

Hi hi! I’m currently in my first year of GBDA. I’ve always been fond of the design field and the creation of art in both the digital and traditional world. I’ve been a huge fan of making digital portraits so if you ever want one don’t be afraid to ask me! I spend my leisure time with my doggo and long talks with my close friends. I’m a huge fan of the fashion industry so catch me online shopping on a daily oops :’) always down for a chat so feel free to talk to me!


instagram: @breannatam   @bktarts

Graphic Designer

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