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creator insights

these talks are all run by students and alumni who are giving insights to their creative experimentations & how their crafts are influencing them as creators
Avneet Sandhu
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Avneet Sandhu

 Avneet Sandhu​ Illustrations 

It's my goal to create work that sparks something playful in the viewer, through simple colourful illustration. My work can also be inspired by real moments, resulting in more whimsical illustrations. My inspirations and process allow me to understand that I can create in more than one style, and incite more than one emotion.
Accepted Payment Methods: Cash & Card
Avneet Sandhu

 Avneet Sandhu 

Avneet is an alumnus from the Global Business & Digital Arts Program.

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 Stratford Resource Bins 

Stratford Resource Bins are a social venture that started on campus in September. We're a take what you need, leave what you can food bank located in the 1B stairwell. Through donations from staff and students, we also supply the students of the Stratford School with menstrual products in all the women's washrooms on campus, and grab-and-go snacks in each of the kitchenettes. In addition to providing resources, we also aim to educate students about food insecurity and healthy options on a budget.
We will be collecting cash donations which go towards our student programming!

 Kiera McMaster 

I'm a third year Global Business and Digital Arts student with a passion for making social change. I’m a little more global business than digital arts, and I love finding ways to apply what we learn in class to make the world a better place. Plant mom, cookbook aficionado, owns orange everything.

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 Devlos Brand Collection - Info Booth 

This project was the first major project I have worked since graduating GBDA in 2018. At the beginning, the amount of deliverables I was being counted on to achieve seemed daunting. In a literal sense, I had to 'rethink' how my company represented itself, but on a more personal level I also needed to re-frame my own perspective of myself. I was no longer a student with no experience or knowledge; I had real skills, and people were counting on me to use them with confidence. Through this project I learned to cast aside the feeling that I was an impostor in my own field, and grow into the confidence I felt as a creator.

Creativity to me is reflecting your own essence into another a form and letting it take on new life. So, while I'd like to say that its the beautiful final result; or the things that I learn; or seeing a happy customer at the end of the day that drives me to create, the truth is that what drives me to create is simply the act of creating. I find the idea of creating something from nothing incredibly freeing. Whether its a drawing, or a website, or even business cards, what draws me to make something is simply the fact that I have the power to create it.
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 Lauren Dagworthy 

Lauren is an alumnus from the Global Business & Digital Arts Program.

SG Web Solutions - Black - 3.png
SG Web Solutions - Black.png
SG Web Solutions.png

 SG Web Solutions 

The world of web development is often misconstrued as belonging to "technology". Having experienced the schism of in cohesion found between developers and designers that permeates many companies today I strive to bridge these gaps by using web development as a medium of design. For me, my IDE is a canvas and the language and frameworks I build with are the brushes. With a passion to beautify the web firmly rooted in a philosophy of accessibility for all I work with a drive to create websites and web applications that go beyond just meeting basic ARIA standards, but rather that is innovative, intuitive and iterative. Drawing from my own experiences struggling against arthritis, I learned at an early age the impact that accessibility on function. Today I apply this passion to every website I create, and to make the world an easier place to live in.
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 Justin Seto & Steven Gao 

Justin is a fourth-year GBDA Student and Steven is in third year. Connect with Steven

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creatorscollective 1.png

 Toshi Art TShirts 

Through my art, I've come to an understanding that no matter how insignificant or unappealing an individual is, it has its part within a beautiful whole. Creating made me begin to appreciate the details in the world. I find samples from sources spanning from landscapes, to stains on a wall. Nothing is exempt from my work.
At my booth I will be selling a limited supply of t-shirts. The shirts feature one of my favourite designs - being toshi the ghost man.
Accepted Payment Methods: E-Transfer and Cash
Daniel Macneil

 Daniel MacNeil 

I am a 20-year-old digital artist from Toronto. I began creating art just over a year ago and am excited to see where I'll be years down the road. I sample images I take from the world and edit/layer them with other images, textures, and text.

Print - Illu - Bu1.jpg

 Buuchau Chau Booth 

Some goodies and prints that reflect my best work ready to have their new home and respective owner inspired by the dawn of artistic ingenuity: the renaissance of the 16th century. Heavily taking inspiration from architecture, fashion and color, I used the light to create works of wonder; a nod to the past but a fresh, modern and sometimes humorous take on some pieces, while others are more solemn and calming. Size of prints come in postcard form or medium size to perhaps send them through mail on exchange trips or just whimsical decorations in their room (to maybe stare down and judge them for eating midnight snacks). A section of the booth dedicates a basket of gently used artist materials and tools that I am able to purchase, yet no longer have a use for so they will be sold at very cheap prices to help struggling artists have an initial step to creating art. All proceeds will be towards materials and research towards Project Ada to build the prototype, cast in resin and customize by not only myself but a collective effort from supporters.
Selling: Postcards (20-30 pieces) 4' x 6', Medium size prints (10-15 pieces) 8.5' x 11', Art bin of used items (lots of misc stuff to sell to other struggling artists for $1, $2 or $3), Commissioned orders (negotiate price)
Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, PayPal, Trading
Buuchau Chau

 Buuchau Chau 

"I'm not a winner, I'm a survivor."


Buuchau Chau is a failed mathematician turned into a game artist with a logical and fantastical perspective; a marriage between two repelling worlds. Struggling from the art passion without the support of family and peers during her youth, she locked herself in her room to study game art and storytelling with a nod to the mathematics for 4 years to create a unique style that has luckily landed her in an indie game studio, slowly gaining the respect and recognition for her family.


At first, the start of her career is difficult, making materials from unconventional means; paper from school work and creating calligraphy pens from drilling holes in broken ballpoint pens to fit nibs and discretely hiding her work so they won't be confiscated. Before university, Buu painstakingly drew each digital artworks with a mouse, however over the summer selling home made food packets, she has earned enough for her first digital tablet and never looked back for digital paintings. Eventually, with enough convincing, she has found herself at home in GBDA where she is more than welcome to create as she desires with a supportive group of creators.


Today, Buu is pursuing a life long project: Project Ada, a future family heirloom that encourages descendants to modify an art doll that she engineered and built and each iteration of changes made from the inheritor to reflect their creative input. Project Ada passes down the creative flame and encourages the artistic endeavor through fruitful times and hungry nights.


Catch up to me on IG: bd.chau to see my other works and progress on Project Ada! :)


 Live Portraiture 

I would love to do live paintings, a new passion I have discovered, where I can sell portraits and small paintings, while also doing live paintings in my booth while people come through to chat and browse my services.
Accepted Methods of Payment: Cash & E-Transfer
Daniel Brenneman.jpg

 Daniel Brenneman 

Daniel is a fourth year Global Business & Digital Arts student. In addition, to portraiture, he is an avid videographer & podcaster. You can catch his podcast, 'Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!' at RETHINK as well.

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