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Aseel Attar: What Is Purpose?

Here… in this moment, a female from Saudi Arabia wants to share her ideas on purpose as she struggles to understand herself better.

…What is my purpose?

Corruption, calamities and climate change, yet the greatest struggle that the human race faces is discovering the truth of their existence. Our obsession with self-realization still remains to be our greatest motivation. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we doing with our time? Are we here to make the world a better place or does the planet make us better?

I can play the tune of the oppressed women in a third world country but I prefer to speak of the battles that I have won, my ever changing motivation and the opportunities that shaped me. My purpose is derived from the very essence of my own existence; my self-realization began when I was presented with the practice of curiosity. Big questions, stupid questions, descriptive questions, and important questions…I asked them all. My consumption of knowledge became the strongest aspect of my personality. In a world were I was told not to ask why, I was singled out for my success for secretly doing so. It was my own interpersonal rebellion. In my head I was the Martin Luther Jr. of my society, the Fidel Castro of my time and the Rumi of my words but the truth is I am nothing more than what Gandhi coined as important insignificance. We are all consistently looking to feed our egos with positive change, but my ultimate goal is to humble the voice in my head and contribute to something bigger than my own journey.


Aseel Attar, GBDA '18

A passionate designer focusing on UX/UI, and a GBDA student at University of Waterloo. My love for travel and culture strongly influences my design philosophy, and my linguistic proficiencies are complimented with superior communication, empathy and a dedication to service excellence. 


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