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Kyera Mapp: Create Something Today, Even If It Sucks

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Black & Yellow modern art collage with text running across describing a millennial in crisis

This past summer I was in a serious rut. I’m sure we have all been there. Whether it be a creative block or extreme boredom. For me it was both, I had no job, no school work and the freedom to do anything I wanted with my time. Creation was far from my mind.

The truth is, I had lost my motivation to create long before summer break had started, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life and I didn’t feel like GBDA was the right fit for me. I fell off in terms of motivation and creativity.

I think as a creative person, in the back of my mind I always want to be creating, even when creatively blocked or stuck in a rut. Sometimes all you need is a push to get back into it.

For me, that push came with stumbling across a poster project on Instagram. Vasjen Katro (@baugasm) was making one poster every day for a year. His posters were amazing and seeing what he could do brought about instant motivation. It was a challenge just when I needed one, I started my own poster project. That feeling I got when I posted my first poster, was one I hadn’t felt in a long time.

The motivation to create was back. I began sketching again, I made a portfolio, I shared my work with people and connected with people around the world. That moment is the reason for where I am in life right now. I can guarantee if I had not taken on that challenge and pushed myself to start creating as much as I could my life would be completely different right now.

What I want you to take from my story is that pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself is so important. I am not saying you need to go out and start creating a poster a day. Just know that creating in any way as much as you can will pay off for you in so many ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

All lot of different people with different motivations come into GBDA and we all want GBDA to be the perfect fit for each and every one of us. The truth is that there is no set way to make GBDA fit for you. The skills and knowledge that you gain are tools for you to go out and learn more about yourself and your place in the world around you.  

My advice to you is to pursue your passions, find a side hustle, learn a new skill. Seek out new experiences in as many ways as you can, both within GBDA and outside of school. Push yourself to create and embrace the inevitable suck that comes along with any form of creativity.

Tip #1

If you need inspiration look at the examples of creators in GBDA (there are so many of them right here on Creator Spaces), check out their Instagram, Soundcloud, blogs; and start your own. Nothing is a bigger motivator than seeing the success and growth of others and envisioning yourself next to them.

Tip #2

Share your talents with people! You all have something amazing and unique to offer the world and I guarantee once you start to share yourself and your work with people, your life will change. Don’t wait for someone to notice you. Make people aware of what you can do.

Tip #3

Don’t strive for perfection. Creativity does not come from perfection. If you are not creating because you think it will suck, you won’t improve. Being afraid of the unknown is not going to get you where you want to go.

More than anything, remember to keep creating. Push yourself to create as much as possible. Surround yourself with inspiration, and other creative people. Get out of your comfort zone, seek out new experiences and learn more about yourself and the world around you.


Kyera Mapp, GBDA '20

hey! my name is kyera mapp. i am a designer, student and french fry enthusiast, studying at the university of waterloo. currently located in toronto, ontario


Instagram: @kyeramapp

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