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Who is the Creators Collective?

You may be wondering what is this organization, what do they do, why should I get involved? Well, here are the answers to all, or most of your questions!

The Creators Collective (CC) is a 100% student-run organization that helps bring GBDA and MDEI students together through the common goal to create. The CC is a support system to help enable students best work outside of classes. The CC will be able to meet all of this through running weekly workshops, hosting an end of term gallery, curating a digital and print publication and providing a verification program. So what are does each aspect really do and what are their goals, find out below!

What are our workshops? Well, the CC will run workshops, seminars, talks, and collaborations each weekly both in Stratford and Waterloo for all students in each year in both GBDA and MDEI about favorite topics that aren’t often explored in a class setting. These workshops will be run by fellow students, professors, and community members so that we can get the best-suited people to help explore these topics. We want to bring students together over common issues so that the CC and our community can support each other and help grow our skills and interests.

What is the gallery? The CC’s gallery is a student-run showcase of the work that students have created through term where they can share with their fellow students, friends, family and community members; with the opportunity to also sell their work. The gallery will take place in Stratford in just over halfway through the term, the date will come soon! This event will be run by the CC team with all the student of GBDA and MDEI students who have submitted work. This event will bring people together to celebrate their work and create connections for further collaborations.

What is the edition? The edition is the CC’s publication. This publication is comprised of both a print and digital which shares student works and important events and information to help further develop our creative community. The digital is to share relevant information throughout the term, with interesting articles written by students to share with our community. While the print is to be a permanent showcase of the work created that term. By having both a copy and digital medium, the CC will be able to reach our community in all ways, not just one of the other. The edition will be run by a sub-team within the CC who will work on either the digital publication or the print, and there is the opportunity to join the team to be a part of this collaboration. This team will meet regularly to collaborate on each part of the edition to provide meaningful content. Once a term for the print edition, to be handed out at the gallery, and once a week for the digital publication

What does the verification program do? Well, this program is a support system for student organizations or projects where they can learn about starting projects, find resources for their plans, make connections with other students and organization and answer their questions about anything. The verification program is for students who are wanting to create or are already apart of a project or organization who are seeking out community support for their work. Students will be able to apply anytime, and when they have been accepted will be able to receive help for the CC team immediately. We will ask for students to fill out an application to show your commitment to your project so that we can provide the best support for teams how are truly dedicated so that we can enhance the overall community in GBDA and MDEI so that they too can establish their community within GBDA and MDEI.

Considering all of these parts of the Creators Collective, we believe that we will be able to establish a supportive, collaborative, creative community that can support the GBDA and MDEI experience for students. If you have any questions about the CC or want to know how to get involved, follow us on Facebook (@uwcreatorscollective) and Instagram (@uwcreatorscollective) or email us at We are looking forward to building this community with you this term and beyond.

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