Purple - Blue Gradient


$25 - $100

High-quality garments and accessories marked with our signature style of digital artwork.

Grey Garden is a clothing and art company taking inspiration from the essence of what surrounds us; natural and man made forms. From themes such as dreadful beauty, content solitude, and simple complexity, we convey complementary juxtaposition through our work.

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$20 - $1500

Demi-couture brand with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and materials.

Leonardogao offers high quality clothing and apparel as well as hand-crafted leather pieces made from exotic materials. Product customization or high quality custom commissions are also a staple at the brand, where Leonardo will hold a 1-on-1 consultation session with you to design and make a piece to your specifications and satisfaction.

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$12 - $55

Macrame wall hangings are the core product and they are made with wooden dowels or Canadian driftwood. I also offer round boho macrame coasters and keychains in various colour options.

Birch + Willow Gifts provides handmade boho macrame decor pieces and accessories. Each item is made to order and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre in Kitchener, ON. I turned my passion into a project to make beautiful pieces for others and support an organization close to my heart.

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Celina and Angela

$3 - $40

lilacustudios sells art prints, postcards, and stickers designed and packaged with love by Celina and Angela.

a cute stationary & print shop made by two sisters.

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Ripley's Treasures Co.


All of our stickers are waterproof vinyl, perfect for water bottles and laptop decals. We also ensure the use of high quality materials for our scrunchies, masks, and earrings for a high quality experience. Occasional vintage clothing treasures can also be found on our Etsy as well.

We are a sister team behind the brand of Ripley's Treasures Co., which we created in honor of our puppy, Ripley. All of the treasures you can find on our site are intricately designed and handmade by us. We take pride in the treasures we create and are always looking to offer our customers with unique finds from tulle scrunchies to enchanting frog stickers.

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Buuchau Chau

$4.50 - $15

My illustrations are curated for the Renaissance Collection for stickers, postcards, prints and posters! I am also opening commissions!

I am a digital artist who specializes in illustrating fantasy and horror. My works include concept art, character design and environment illustrations.

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Yenyen Designs

$3.50 - $8

I've been following the 365 Days of Art Challenge since Nov. 16, 2019 and here are the collection of my favorite pieces printed as posters and stickers!

Hello! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm a Canadian university student doing art! Follow YenYen and friends on an amazing adventure! ♡

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Daniella Garcia


I offer services including logos, animations, illustrations, portraits, website design, , clothing designs, and paintings. For my portraits or illustrations (services) I often get them printed and framed as well!

My name is Daniella and I’m an aspiring designer and artist. I have been designing for 5 years and I like to challenge myself to create things outside of my comfort zones. I have been a freelancer for 2 years, and this year I launched GarciaGetsCreative. GarciaGetsCreative is a profile I created to showcase all my work and collaborate with individuals to help their creative ideas come to life! It started off with just logo and illustrations, but now it’s expanded to much more! My Etsy shop is also opened for purchasing prints, stickers and greeting cards. I am a small girl with big ideas, and I hope you I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!