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the edition 001 -

the stratford school print publication

We knew that creators needed a space to share their stories, something that lasted longer than a single evening - an artifact for our community to hold on to that constantly reminded them of their community and their own creativity. Introducing, the edition.
6:30 PM

Launch at RETHINK

As we beckon this new medium onto our campus, we will have a panel with our editorial team to dive into their design process.
Amirah M.jpeg

Moderated by Editor in Chief Amirah Mahomed


Saphera Peters


Jessie Zhou


Yash Raje

Creators Featured in the Edition

Cindy Le
Rachel Xu
Emily Lilek
Susan Sun
Carly Phillips
Katrina Schouten
Yash Raje
Felix Weber
Buuchau Chau
Liz Brenkenridge
Sarah Stock
Razan Qaoud
Halina Brookson
Avneet Sandhu
Alexandria Won
Arturo Salek
​​Jessie Zhou
Sudiksha Nukala
Tania Sharma
Julia Huynh
Mohammed Irfan
Minahil Mohsin
Devlen Cousins
Saphera Peters
Amirah Mahomed
Gregory Cotton
Viran Kohli
Sam Foss
Jiajia Kong
Zaid Amer
Celina Nguyena
Kyera Mapp
Daihan Zhu
Brian Dumbleton
Mathieu Legault
Reid Valaitis
Daniel Macneil
Tiana Eghdam
Marry Allysa Misola
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