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Creators Collective

2020 Fall Edition


This year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster with the ups and downs we've all faced. Being isolated and separated from one another like never before; so we wanted to change that. We wanted to make an Edition that doesn't ignore the year we've had and our differences, but rather hopes to acknowledge that regardless of unique differences we are unified by our humanity. Hence the name, UNITY.

unity edition mockup.png
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Creators Collective

2021 Winter Edition


This year marks the fifth publication of The Edition, and the second online copy since the start of COVID-19. With this new normal, we've been thrown into unfamiliar conditions more than ever. To try and unlock your potential is scary. New and unknown situations are intimidating, but it's those circumstances in which we experience the best personal development. But that's where we come in. If this magazine had ultimate motive, it would be to support the development  of young artists like yourself.

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