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It's with heavy hearts that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we've had to cancel this year's student gallery.  But please, take a moment to check out our amazing student's work!
Also, head to our editions page for our latest magazine edition featuring Odyssey creators!

We've all experienced a series of events that have led us to where we are now; students of the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business. Something nudged at you to come here. Whether you're in your first year, or your fourth year, you continue to grow and are a different person from when you first applied to GBDA or MDEI.

This year's gallery theme is based on our individual journeys. We might all be in the same program, but we each have a unique story. We want to learn about you. What started your journey as an entrepreneur, designer, coder, etc? Where are you now? What are your current challenges? Where do you want to be in five years? What has shaped your individual journey?


Food & Drinks

A catered event offering a wide selection of dinner and snack options, as well as coffee and other refreshments.

Lightning Talks

Students, instructors, and industry professionals will take the stage to start an insightful conversation about their personal journeys.


An incredible opportunity to foster new connections with other creative minds. 

Student Artwork

With 90+ submissions, ODYSSEY will house a diverse collection of amazing artwork varying from audio to visual works. 

Evening Itinerary

  • 05:00 Buses Depart Waterloo
    Buses come to Hagey Hall at the University of Waterloo's main campus.
  • 06:00 Gallery Opens & Dinner
    As you sign in to the event, we will be serving pizza to all attendees.
  • 06:15 Opening Ceremonies
    Some quick opening notes from our organizing team to welcome you to RETHINK!
  • 06:25 Market Opens
    Avneet Sandhu Daniel Brenneman Justin Seto Lauren Dagworthy Daniel McNeil BuChau Stratford Resource Bins GBDA Society
  • 06:30 The Edition Publication - Launch
    This term, a part of our Collective Team worked to create our campus' first publication. In lightning speed they put together an artifact that will remind us of the creativity that each student holds and how we can continue to experiment moving forwards. The launch will include a panel with a select group from the editorial team and then a chance to talk with the team as you pick up your own copy. More info >
  • 06:40 Theatre 1: Phoneless Vlogumentary by Vince Harttrup
    *There will be 4 showings of Phoneless between 6:40 - 8:00 PM When you think of a travel video what first comes to mind? Vlogging? Drone footage? Hyperlapses and quick cuts? Don't get stuck in the glue. I am my most creative self when I am unplugged, and so are you. Find a gap where you can execute a crazy idea, but do it without your phone. My gap was for 10 days after my class' convocation in June of 2018. It's easy to get inspired on the road when you are disconnect by choice. Phoneless will not only make you re-think your cellphone usage, but encourage you to film travel videos for yourself, and not the internet.
  • 06:45 RETHINKING Culture - Lightning Talks
    RETHINKING Culture is a time for us to reflect on our relationship to our campus and 6:45 - York Lane Art Collective: York Lane Art Collective is a volunteer-run, creative art space for artists to express themselves, collaborate with others, and fuel inspiration. Sometimes a gallery, sometimes a concert, YLAC is an ever-evolving space where disciplines are practiced, experienced and expressed.This place thrives on sustaining an artistic community. We emphasize on collaboration, where individual skill sets are exchanged to expand horizons and grow artistic visions.We respect and encourage all forms of art and creativity.Located in the alley of York Lane behind Ontario street, you will be intrigued to discover Stratford’s vibrant, inspirational, local art scene. After our first full year open, we have curated 12 gallery exhibitions, screened local artists’ films, hosted local theatre productions, play-readings, book readings, poetry nights, a ton of live music and concerts, held classes and given opportunities to artists to sell work. 7:00 - La'Osa - La Osa, heading into it's second year as a brick and mortar shop, WASN'T born overnight. La Osa has evolved into a dreamy place filled with carefully curated vintage goods, hand-picked treasures and beautifully crafted jewellery, including Pamela's own jewelry line, created on site. She believes in and supports the slow-fashion movement, encourages the appreciation of vintage and handcrafted items and promotes the environmental benefits of wearing and buying second-hand clothing. Hear about her creative journey from hobby to side hustle to full-time business, developing a business plan, making the most of the resources available to you and building community around your brand. Community involvement is a big part of her business - she is the co-founder of Perth Pop-Up market series, on the organizing committee for Stratford Trashion Week and the board of directors for Stratford's City Centre BIA.
  • 07:30 Creator Insights - Lightning Talks
    7:30 Seyitan 7:45 Cailin Younger 8:00 Noah Pratt 8:15 Jaquelyn 8:30 Well Being & Taking on a Side Hustle: Conversation with Partnerships Coordinator - Aleena Singh
  • 08:00 Theatre 1: The Hamurgi Project by Mohammed Irfan
    a documentary series where different people were asked ‘why they loved themselves?’. An initiative to bring this generation in the spectrum of self-compassion. This whole documentary was borne from the raw idea of why people choose not to be nice to themselves in a world where love is already very scarce. I learned to shoot the video, talk to clients and finally edit them all on my own, in front of my dad’s computer, only to tell stories people themselves are afraid to tell. I ‘rethought’ the meaning of ‘selfish’ and decided that everyone should be allowed to take care of themselves without feeling guilty. Eventually, I realized that it is the other people and their untold stories that drive my to create something of value and aesthetics.
  • 09:00 Buses Depart Stratford
    All visitors who arrived by bus, load and leave from Stratford for Waterloo.
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