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06:30 - 07:00

 Music by Austin Irvine 

The inspiration for the tracks I produce are almost always taken directly from my daily life. Because of this I have become far more concerned with finding inspiration as opposed to just sitting in the studio and trying things out till they sound good.
DSC_0872 - Austin Irvine.jpg

 Austin Irvine 

Austin is a third year Global Business & Digital Arts Student.

07:00 - 08:00

 Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti! 

We are uncovering and re-looking at the oeuvre of work amassed by Paul Giamatti. We are looking at it from a modern perspective. We are rethinking about who he is, how his work identifies him, and how us (his fans) fit into the picture.
Formal - Daniel Brenneman.jpg

 Daniel Brenneman 

Daniel is a fourth-year GBDA Student.

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08:00 - 09:00

 Whats Up Waterloo? 

Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone, try out new mediums, and meet new people. If you want to reinvent yourself and inspire your creative work, it starts with rethinking your work and taking action. What's Up Waterloo was a spontaneous project that became so much more, and it all happened in the span of a few hours one evening when I wanted to create something and change things up in my life. I was so tired of doing nothing, and I had to force myself out of that rut.
IMG_8893 - Kalil Magtoto.jpeg

 Kalil Magtoto 

Kalil is a second-year GBDA Student.

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This relates to the theme of RETHINK as I'm constantly reevaluating myself, and that's really what this project is in a lot of ways. From seeing how poorly people have acted in the past, I've learned that it's incredibly important to CHERISH YOUR SOUL. In the creation of my work, I have learned that I have value, and that it's okay to speak of mental illness. As for the last question, it's odd, I'm not sure if I can totally say anything drives me to create. What drives you to breathe? It's the same thing to me, it's just my natural way of being.
profile - Strum.jpg

 Isaac Heizer 

Issac is a third year in the Global Business & Digital Arts Program.

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Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.45.23

 Sint Maarten 2018 

What drives me to create is my passion for capturing something and being able to turn it into something completely different or just enhance what is already there. I can make anything become real even if it is not possible in real life.
P1011722 - Collin Kavaner.jpg

 Collin Kavaner 

Collin is a third-year GBDA Student.

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Over the summer I started filming a video in the times between my 9 - 5 job. I heard too many people saying all the things they couldn't do because of work, so I wanted to see what I could do with the minimal time I had. This video was meant to push me to create as much as I could in my own city... and was a good excuse for an adventure in between a busy work schedule! In this way I represent RETHINK through taking something people see everyday and showing it in a whole new light.
Sam 2 - Foss Focus.jpg

 Sam Foss 

Sam is a second-year GBDA Student.

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Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.47.03

Nissan Skyline GTR R32 Review - Race car for the street

Creating is literally the act of growing something, and my ability to create is completely correlated to how much I grow as a person and in my talents.

Creating is a personal experience and putting my thoughts, opinions, talents, and passion’s on display for others is risky. I have grown in my ability to be vulnerable, and have been rewarded with fanfare, friendship, and the excitement of expression.
ProfilePicBrandon - Brandon J

 Brandon Leonard 

Brandon works at the Stratford Campus' Accelerator Centre.

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06:40 - 08:00

 Phoneless by Vince Harttrup 

When you think of a travel video what first comes to mind? Vlogging? Drone footage? Hyperlapses and quick cuts? Don't get stuck in the glue. I am my most creative self when I am unplugged, and so are you. Find a gap where you can execute a crazy idea, but do it without your phone. My gap was for 10 days after my class' convocation in June of 2018. It's easy to get inspired on the road when you are disconnect by choice. Phoneless will not only make you re-think your cellphone usage, but encourage you to film travel videos for yourself, and not the internet.
DSC02107 - Vince Harttrup.jpg

 Vince Harttrup 

Vince is an alumnus from the Global Business & Digital Arts Program.

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08:00 - 09:00

 The Hamaguri Project 

This whole documentary was borne from the raw idea of why people choose not to be nice to themselves in a world where love is already very scarce. I learned to shoot the video, talk to clients and finally edit them all on my own, in front of my dad’s computer, only to tell stories people themselves are afraid to tell. I ‘rethought’ the meaning of ‘selfish’ and decided that everyone should be allowed to take care of themselves without feeling guilty. Eventually, I realized that it is the other people and their untold stories that drive my to create something of value and aesthetics.
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IMG_1520 - Irfan Mostafa.jpg

 Mohammed Irfan 

Mohammed is a first-year GBDA Student.

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