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Uploading Your Piece

Uploading Your Piece

Deadline: July 19

The following are the suggested mediums! We encourage collaborations with between students and to suggest mediums that are not listed!

1. A. Video Submissions

Film, animations, commercials, documentaries, etc.

  • Please upload a PDF with a link to your video file with the following:

    • Link to stream it online

    • Title of the Piece

    • List of Actors/Actresses

    • Total length of the piece



2. A. Print Submission

Illustrations, drawings, graphic design, writing, etc. NOTE: We can print pieces for you & will be in contact about the process

  • Please upload a ZIP file containing a high-quality version of your piece exported with CMYK colours



3. A. Digital Submission

Websites, games, apps, gifs, etc.

  • Please upload a PDF with:

    • Link to your project & where it can be accessed online

    • The technical & space requirements of your piece (ex: iPad or computer)

Do you have any questions about the process?

We're always up for a quick chat about your submission. Either email us, send us a message on Facebook or direct message us on Instagram.

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